Symbiosis – Iris Van Herpen

Exhibition Identity

Developed a unique system and identity that was inspired by Van Herpens 3d printing techniques and intricate details formed by natural and scientific elements. Symbiosis is an imagined exhibition for the Honolulu Museum of Art exhibiting works by fashion designer Iris Van Herpen.

Symbiosis showcases pieces from 3 different collections where Van Herpen observes different complex designs and patterns that are created when elements of nature merge together. She utilizes innovative tactics and traditional haute coture techniques to create a symbiosis of her own.

Print - Invite, RSVP Card, Save the Date Flyer, Tickets, Envelope

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrater, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign

Date: 2020 

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.50.54 AM

Developed app and web design for the event which would be available to all guests to access information, news, important dates and museum maps. Following the same identity system as the printed products.

Digital work includes web and app user interface.